Red Oak Classroom

The Toddler program provides toddlers with an environment that encourages each child to actively explore with their bodies and senses.  Our experienced educators are skilled in supporting a toddlers’ developing sense of self, growing independence, and emerging skills.  Classroom materials are carefully chosen and arranged to inspire a variety of learning-rich experiences.  Toddlers need for predictability is provided by a flexible daily schedule. 

We appreciate and admire our toddlers’ sense of wonder.  Our toddlers learn by doing and we provide ample time and invitations to participate in math, science, social studies, communication, language and literacy and creative provocations to build a strong foundation for future learning.  Our teachers observe students so that the materials and activities provided are based on their interests. 

Our toddler rooms provide:
  • An organized, home-like environment rich with beauty
  • Learning areas-home living, construction, science, art, math and library
  • Materials to give children opportunities to experiment, explore, create, design and expand their knowledge of the world.
  • Art and music materials accessible for self-expression
  • Meaningful investigations through which children and teachers learn together and give children the chance to build social emotional, language, math, reading, science, and reasoning skills.
  • Sensory experiences
  • An opportunity to make choices in a child-initiated environment

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