"It has been said that the environment should act as a kind of aquarium which reflects the ideas, ethics, attitudes and lifestyle of the people who live in it.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                             -Loris Malaguzzi

Our Environment
The Oak Leaf School provides four distinct programs designed to provide children with engaging and challenging areas to explore, enhance learning, support play and build relationships.   

 Our environment is the third teacher.  The goal of the third teacher is to provide a welcoming environment that encourages curiosity and exploration..  Our environments provide serenity, warmth and a sense of belonging for each student.  Each classroom provides natural lighting and a home-like environment.  Our carpet area is a gathering space where students and teachers come together to make plans for the day, discuss activities, share stories and express their ideas and feelings.
Our learning environments evolve throughout the school year to reflect the explorations and interests of the students.  Learning areas are strategically designed to promote the development of each child.  The construction area provides ample space where children can express their creativity as they build and engage in endless possibilities using open-ended materials and loose parts.  The home living area provides children with an opportunity to collaborate with one another to role-play and participate in real and imaginary dramatic play presentations.  Children enjoy sorting and measuring various materials in the sensory table.  Discovery shelves store science and nature materials.  Children use magnifying glasses, discovery bottles, petri dishes, magnets and binoculars to use their senses to demonstrate inquiry skills as they observe and experience objects.  Numeracy, counting, sorting, and matching skills are promoted in the math area as students engage in provocations using numbers, shapes, trays. A rug, soft pillows and a variety of books make up a cozy reading area.
 Our atelier serves as the student’s art studio.  In this space children work together with educators to seek answers to questions and to encourage them to show their thinking.  Our students are provided with a variety of art mediums including paper, paints, clay, drawing tools, clay for modeling and collage materials.  An abundance of art supplies is accessible, and students are encouraged to explore and create. 

Choosing the best early childhood education program for your child is a very important decision.  Finding the right environment for your precious child is crucial.  We understand that one of your primary concerns is finding a teacher that is attentive and will care about your child and provide them with love and affection while promoting his/her development.  We realize the importance of having teachers that will encourage each child in a loving atmosphere.

                We believe that Every Child is An Artist
                                                                                                         -Pablo Picasso

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