Family Involvement​

We utilize a collaborative process between parents, caregivers, children and educators where the perspectives are equally shared, valued and respected.  We utilize open-communication between the school and home to contribute to the strength of each child's success.

We engage families in a variety of family engagement activities, including:
-Casual conversations at drop-off and pick-up time with educators
-Family involvement opportunities in our classrooms
-Parent leadership
-Parent education programs
-Welcome interviews  and home visits upon enrollment
-Family Cafe' Roundtable events where specific topics of interest are discussed (Monthly sessions)
-Share your special hobby
-Participate in cultural celebrations
-Attend field trips
-Become an Oak Leaf Helper and volunteer to repair library books, tidy up classrooms or cubby areas 
-Serve on our special events committee
-Community building events-Back-to-School Night, Fall Harvest Festival, 100 Language Showcases.

Center for Family and Community Engagement
Our Center for Family and Community Engagement is developed to assist students and their families in being successful.  We focus on enhancing the health of the community and neighborhoods.  

We offer:
-Mentoring and other youth development programs
-Community service and community-based learning opportunities
-Workforce investment and adult education, including English as a Second Language.(ESL)
-Job training and career counseling services
-A workout gym
-Community building activities

Family Engagement Committee
Join our Family Engagement Committee and serve on the governing board for our facility.  The committee meets quarterly on the third Wednesday of the month.   Pick up a form and submit it to the front office.  Our next meeting is Wednesday, January 15, 2020 from 5 p.m.-6 p.m. 
Family Gathering Area
During pick-up, take a moment to sit with other families in our Family Gathering Area outdoors when the weather is warm.  Build a support system, share information about community events, arrange play dates, discuss parenting approaches, etc., all while your child(ren) enjoys playing with his/her peers.


Upcoming Community Events

Resources for Families

Additional information behind our teaching philosophy and vales:
The Importance of Play