Bur Oak Classroom

Preschool Program

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​​Our preschool teachers aid in promoting the development of children’s’ interests, curiosity and ideas.  The classroom provides children with a rich, natural environment where each child explores to expand their knowledge.  Our preschoolers develop a sense of community as they participate in collaborative activities which helps to develop social skills and form friendships.  We focus on developing the whole child; social and emotional development, cognitive development, speech and language development, fine and gross motor development, as well as creative expression.

Cognitive Development
  • Our teachers facilitate learning through invitations to participate in meaningful investigations.
  • Children are encouraged to ask questions, make predictions and build skills in science, language, reading, and math. 
  • Long-term projects are also planned that allow children to reach a deeper understanding of units of inquiry.
  • The Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards are used to guide provocations.  These standards provide learning goals for each student,
Social and Emotional Development
  • Opportunities to develop the language necessary to express feelings and emotions
  • Recognition of emotions as an opportunity for activities
  • Listening emphatically and validating the student’s feelings
  • Helping students to verbally label emotions
  • Helping students to learn to problem-solve, while setting limits
Communication, Language and Literacy Development
  • Opportunities are provided throughout the day for verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Real-life situations are provided to promote increasingly complex spoken language including exploration opportunities, field trips and classroom guests
  • Receptive language is developed as students engage in classroom discussions, question and answer sessions as they are encouraged to listen and respond to a variety of topics.
  • Encourage children to explore a variety of printed materials
  • Early phonological awareness is developed through rhyming, word games, finger plays, songs and poems.
  • Participate in a literacy-rich environment where students have opportunities to engage in story times during both in a large group and one-on one
  • Daily opportunities for various types of writing activities
Physical Development-Fine and Gross Motor
  • Hand-eye coordination is developed as students manipulate small objects.
  • Through planned provocations, students refine their grasp as they manipulate tools and objects.
  • Fine motor development is also promoted through participation in everyday activities including eating with utensils, buttoning, zippering, drawing, gluing, tearing and cutting.
  • We create experiences that foster a variety of gross motor skills, including strength, coordination and balance.  We incorporate running, jumping, hopping, dancing and climbing daily.
Artistic Expression
  • Children are exposed to different types of music throughout the day.  Music is used to demonstrate self-expression.
  • Dance and movement are used to express feelings and emotions through regularly scheduled music and movement activities. 
  • Students are also encouraged to use music instruments as they develop a concrete understanding of rhythms, beats, volume and tone.
  • Artistic expression is fostered, and creative thinking is appreciated.  Varied art materials are available throughout the day. 
  • Multi-step art projects are incorporated.

Our preschool rooms provide:
  • Learning areas-home living, construction, math, art, science, library and writing
  • An environment rich in choices to offer children authentic experiences and a variety of ways to act on their ideas


Our Emergent Preschool Curriculum